Monday, April 16, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Its simply easy being a kid building sand castles & letting the ocean wash away your troubles and fears. 


Daddy always told me to "Always go with the grain of wood"


This is my husband transportation just about everyday. I'm honored and proud to be the wife of a firefighter. Day in and day out the sirens go off and he gladly suites up to help those in need. Lawson has big shoes to fill but I know if he's anything like his father he quickly fill them. 

 These were not the photos I had in mind for this title but due to some computer issues I had to use my last resort. 
These are fabric button rings that I make... they are quite simply and not to expensive to make. Throwing in a quick stitch adds a personal touch. 
Again not the imagine I wanted to use but neither the less I still love this photo that very much resembles a bubble. 

I'm linking up with Ashley Sisk over at " Ramblings and Photos". Go by and check her blog out. She is amazing and its a great way to meet new friends. 


Ashley Sisk said...

Great set - really like your perspective on transportation. :)

Miranda said...

The firetruck picture is so pretty. Love it. The beach pictures are cute too!

~Brittany~ said...

Thank you Ashley and Miranda!

Nellies said...

The firetruck photo is my favorite, like the angle a lot! Your simple photos are very cute :-)

~Brittany~ said...

Thank you!

Life with Kaishon said...

I LOVE your daughter's bathing suit. SO cute! I also LOVE the firefighter picture. We just lost 2 firefighters in Philly last week so firefighters have been on my heart and mind lately. May God keep yours safe.

Karen said...

First of all....thank you to your husband, you and your family for serving as a firefighter and for you supporting his work! I love your transportation photos!

~Brittany~ said...

Thank you both so much for the kind words. I'm sorry for the loss of the fallen heroes. My prayers and thoughts go out to to the community and their families.

Karen- Thanks you so much. I'll pass the message on to my hubs. :))

Nancy Claeys said...

A great collection! So colorful -- thanks so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best, Brittany. :)

Cathy H. said...

Love both of your "simple" images!! Great set of images!

Brenda said...

Beautiful set of photos.

Life Less Ordinary

~Brittany~ said...

Thank you Nancy & Cathy!!! Ya'll are too sweet.

sugarnspicemakeseverythingnice said...

I love your transportation shots... and of COURSE the bubbles. ;)

Kelly-Marie said...

Love your simple shots they are so beautiful!

P.S you have been featured in this post;

~Brittany~ said...

Thank you Kelly-Marie!!!!

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