Friday, March 30, 2012

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet our Families!

As you know I'm from Georgia and Keith is from North Carolina. We have family all over the place and sometimes its hard to keep up with everyone and whats going on in each other lives. Since Keith and I live here in North Carolina my family in Georgia misses a lot of special moments in our lives. We miss them dearly and wish we lived closer! Any who let me introduce you to our families!
My mom $ dad- Michelle & Buddy

My sister Brooke, her husband Justin, and kids Skylar $ Caden

My sister Brandie & soon to be husband Tim-

Brandie & Peyton!

My sister Ashley & her son Hunter

My brother Josh & and his gal Ashley

My brother Jeremy & Wife Melanie

My sweet sweet Grandma!

& Papa too!

That's my really large family!

Now to meet Keith's family

Keith's mom & dad- Patti & Danny

Keiths's sister Kelly, husband Matt, and their girls Ellery & Mallie Kate

Ellery & Mallie Kate

Keith's Grandparents Mammuna (Sue) & Chappy (Clyde)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We wish you a merry Christmas

Lawson's first Christmas was one to defiantly remember! We spent Christmas Eve in the Emergency room because Lawson was running a high fever that would not subside. After spending all night in the ER and being diagnosed with a upper respiratory infection we were sent home with nothing but good thoughts everything would get better. Boy were they wrong. Over the next 24 hours mommy and daddy had no sleep and poor Lawson cried, cried, and cried all night. It was Christmas morning and there I was lying in bed with my sick baby crying with no way to help him. I has already made my mind up that we were going back the ER so me and Keith got up and got everything ready to go. On the way to the hospital Lawson had finally stopped crying and fell asleep. Being in the cool crisp air helped him to breathe so we decided to just keep driving so he could at least get some rest not to mention a break from crying. Finally once the sun had rose we met the family for Christmas morning breakfast as that is one of our family traditions and although Lawson still had a fever and had no voice we were able to make it through the day and enjoy what was left of our first Christmas as a family. PS: Lawson was actually diagnosed with the Croop by his pediatrician. It ended up being a long 6 weeks for us.

Poor sick baby on Christmas Day

Opening presents!

Christmas Photos~ Take by me-SweetB'sPhotography

This me, my daddy, and Lawson! Every year when we go back home we go see the Christmas lights in Yonkers!

Lawson loved Santa!

My Mama, Daddy, Keith, Lawson, and myself! We had a great time putting up the Christmas tree!

Nana and all the Grand babies minus Peyton: Lawson, Caden, Skylar, & Hunter!

Me and my Mama stringing lights on the Christmas tree.

Me and my sisters Brandie & Brooke

My daddy & mama with all the kids plus Beau-the dog!

Looking at the Lights in Yonkers!

Lawson and & Daddy! -This is one of my favorite photos of them together!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Fall of 2012

Gobble Gobble It's Lawson First Thanksgiving!

Lawson and & Keith on our trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Fall is absolutely beautiful in the mountains.

Ellery & Mallie Kate!

Lawson and I over Looking the river in the mountains.

~Happy Halloween~

Happy Halloween From the Richard's

Lawson's First Halloween.

My sweet little Chicken! Yes, I know when he is older he will hate me for this, but how cute is he!

Halloween party with cousins Ellery and Mallie Kate.

Me and my Little Chicken

Daddy had to work so we went and visited him at the Fire station.

Lawson & Daddy at the Fire station

"Mom, I'm not so sure about this!"

Mommy & Lawson

Lawson's First Halloween!

On our way to go trick of treating!

Welcome Home Lawson

Getting ready to leave the hospital and head home!

We would like to proudly announce the bringing home of Lawson Clyde Richard!

My awesome Nursery!

Cuddle time with Mommy

I was little jaundice so I had to get some sleep in the sun!

First day home!

Getting my feet prints done by "Auntie KK"


Peekaboo Mommy!

What a handsome boy I am! I love to see whats going on all the time.

This is my bassinet that was passed down from my aunt, my daddy, and even my cousins slept in in it too!

I love my swing.

Me & Cousin Ellery! She's such a big helper.

Me & Daddy

Taking naps with Daddy