Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Arrival of Lawson Clyde Richard

On August the 17th mommy and daddy went in to the CMC Lincoln Hospital for a scheduled induction since Mr. Lawson was already 3 days late! After getting check in and set up in our home a way from home for the next few days I started contracting on my own, but the nurses still hooked up the pitocin and let the drugs do its magic. The beginning stages of labor went great however when Dr. Tollefsen came in around 3cm and broke my water it was no longer fun and games. Once I FINALLY got my epidural most of the pain subsided but the pressure was still very much there. After laboring nearly all day it finally came time to push. I was so excited to know the time had finally come and before long I would be holding my sweet baby boy. Now if only that was the case; After pushing for 2 hours and rolling over into the early hours of August the 18th my Dr. told me that I was not going to be able to deliver this baby on my own since he was laying sideways and could not come under my pelvis. After many tears and tremendous heart break they began prepping me for a c-section. Since I had been in labor for nearly 21 hours I was so tired but knew we still had to welcome this baby into the world. Although I was out of it for most of the surgery Keith was a huge support and has amazing stories to tell about witnessing the birth of our son. Lawson Clyde Richard was born August the 18th at 1:15 AM weighing in at 8lbs 10oz. and 21 inches long with a grand total of 22 hours of labor. It is and will always be the single most beautiful precious moment in my life hearing my son first cry.

In active Labor! I had a great support team that made sure to keep me cool! Who knew Labor would mean burning up and have tremendous hot flashes

Lawson and daddy just moments after his arrival! First words from the Dr. is there was no denying that Keith was the father! I must say they look just alike!

Lawson's first few minuets of life!

Dr. Tollefsen and Lawson!

Getting all clean up!

At last me and Mommy time!!!

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