Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet our Families!

As you know I'm from Georgia and Keith is from North Carolina. We have family all over the place and sometimes its hard to keep up with everyone and whats going on in each other lives. Since Keith and I live here in North Carolina my family in Georgia misses a lot of special moments in our lives. We miss them dearly and wish we lived closer! Any who let me introduce you to our families!
My mom $ dad- Michelle & Buddy

My sister Brooke, her husband Justin, and kids Skylar $ Caden

My sister Brandie & soon to be husband Tim-

Brandie & Peyton!

My sister Ashley & her son Hunter

My brother Josh & and his gal Ashley

My brother Jeremy & Wife Melanie

My sweet sweet Grandma!

& Papa too!

That's my really large family!

Now to meet Keith's family

Keith's mom & dad- Patti & Danny

Keiths's sister Kelly, husband Matt, and their girls Ellery & Mallie Kate

Ellery & Mallie Kate

Keith's Grandparents Mammuna (Sue) & Chappy (Clyde)

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