Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt


Photos taken from my sister wedding from this past weekend.
We has a great time celebrating together as a new family. 

Something that makes you smile
 I love being able to capture moments like this.I couldn't help but smile when 
I found them sleep like this. 

During our weekend trip to the mountains Lawson got to experience playing in a hot (cool) tub.. He had such a great time. I've never seen a baby who loves water as much as he does. He splashed and squealed for hours. 

Something old
At the birth of my son my daddy brought to me my sterling silver baby cup and spoon from when I was born over 24 years ago. Although it isn't ancient old I still cannot bring myself to polish off the wear because it reminds me the history. 

In the sun
I was able to catch the sun going down through the mountains during our trip this past weekend. I love how the ring appears through my lens. 

If you haven't went over and linked up with Ashley Sisk over at "Ramblings and Photos" head on over now and do so! She is amazing and you'll love meeting new friends. 



Miranda said...

Love the smile picture. It is too precious! Also like the sun picture & the cool ring that it created.

~Brittany~ said...

Thanks Miranda!

Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding - and I love your antique shot.

Ida said...

Very nice set. Such a pretty wedding, and a darling baby. I love the photo of the 2 of them sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Ok, sleeping pair photo- Love it! Made me smile. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. And the sun flare- nice job!

Jessica said...

Great photos. The sleeping photo is so sweet!

~Brittany~ said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words!

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